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5 Star Rating
Abbie Ginther from 08/06/2021:
"My family has taken our cars (and bought several cars) from Donny for years and years. He’s always willing to hear out my questions and concern and help me make the best decision for me. I now live in Chicago and still call him to ask questions. They offer such a high quality of service and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Thankful for all they do!"
5 Star Rating
don baedaro from 07/19/2021:
"Donny and staff are good people,trust him with all my mechanical repairs and more..."
5 Star Rating
Justin Headrick from 07/24/2021:
"My wife and I had a great experience working with the owner and team. They are incredibly knowledgeable about fixing vehicles, fair in price, and provide fantastic customer service. On a go-forward basis, I expect us to continue to use this place for vehicle repairs."
5 Star Rating
Makenzie Parker from 08/04/2021:
"Donny is amazing! We have taken our 2012 Lincoln to him many times and wouldn't dare go anywhere else!!! He is one of the few HONEST auto shops and runs on his word and integrity. Even with the chaos of COVID, his shop has managed to always get our car fixed in a timely fashion. He shares his findings and never makes me feel dumb when I ask for more clarification. He isn't there to nickel and dime you, but rather keep you safe and is mindful of your pocketbook. Very pleased with his communication and turn around time!"
5 Star Rating
Socramit G from 10/17/2021:
"First time there and it won't be my last!! The staff there are great, it's a family owned business, they treat you like family, they do what they can to keep you happy. They fixed my car and did a great job. I wish I would of went there a long time ago!! The prices are reasonable."
1 Star Rating
Lila Hutton from 10/23/2021:
"I spent over $1,400 and they did not fix the problem, ended up taking my car some place else and they had no idea what Chamberlin fixed besides charging me of inspection charges from the invoice I received. They missed the bent tire rods, my car drove worse once I left the shop. They also did not check their work, when I started my car to leave it made a terrible sound, well apparently the mechanic who test drove it never turned on the A/C and the belt was not correct. They also had my car for longer then stated. Not a happy customer, feeling taken advantage of."